Delivered in the voice of a close friend, this clever and insightful guide from Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile takes women through the new and sometimes challenging phase of middle age. Whether married, single, widowed, divorced, with children or without, at some point women inevitably ask the question, “What’s next?” Here, they will find a road map for how to thrive in this new phase of life.

Just When You're Comfortable in Your Own Skin, it Starts to Sag

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Rewriting the Rules of Midlife


Authors Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile brought sweet relief to moms with their first book, I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids. Here they return with a frank yet encouraging look at marriage post-tots. They set out to discover if parenthood is truly incompatible with conjugal bliss—and if so, how to change that. This irreverent and insightful guide explores how couples with kids can be more than just coparents.

I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper

Loving Your Marriage After the Baby Carriage


Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile conducted interviews with hundreds of mothers while researching their best-selling book I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids. It didn't take long before these moms began to reveal their Dirty Little Secrets. Cringe-worthy moments ("I bit my daughter's finger trying to steal a bite of her cookie.") meet real insights ("I love my kids but I didn't always. It took time to fall in love with them."). These are the private thoughts that every mom has and every mom can relate to.

Dirty Little Secrets

From Otherwise Perfect Moms


Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile spoke to mothers of every stripe—working, stay-at-home, part-time—and found a surprisingly similar trend in their interviews. After enthusing about her lucky life for twenty minutes, a mother would then break down and admit that her child's first word was "Shrek." As one mom put it, "Am I happy? The word that describes me best is challenged. "Fresh from the front lines of modern motherhood comes a book that uncovers the guilty secrets of moms today . . . in their own words.

I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids

Reinventing Modern Motherhood